Wanxinda enterprises was invited as the business summit bags supplier in 2017 BRICS conference


On September 3, 2017, leaders of the BRICS countries gather in Xiamen and China drew the attention of the world to a second "golden decade". This heralds a new starting point, with new opportunities and a new outlook. We are looking forward to the challenges that this new era will bring and we believe the BRICS nations will bring stability and prosperity to the world.
Healthy multilateral development as our mission, jointly building a harmonious, friendly and sharing partnership providinga win-win situation for all involved! In the golden period, Wanxinda enterprises was invited by BRICS conference leaders to supply our honored guests with business summit bags. In order to ensure the national games goes smoothly, Wanxinda will go all out with advance preparations careful planning, world class quality control techniques, advanced product design, careful material selection to ensure ultimate production efficiency and delivery of top quality products to the end customer.